Pradeep Makhijani & Association services are aimed at bringing land, building and people together in an environment that supports their functional, strategies and spiritual needs within a defined economic context.

The Practice is based upon the following criteria:

Where client concerns are identified early and addressed directly and quickly.

As the total definition of a client's needs and goals for a project before its design is begun.

Design Excellence:
With extensive experience in design of different projects of various scales.

Cost control:
With the budget recognized as an integral element is the development of any design.

Design concerns:
Sustainability and climate responsive environment in serving a better environment for the future.

PMA offers integrated design for the built environment. We have been working in various architectural projects, Master planning work, Institutional work, urban design work, industrial work, design competitions and interiors design. PMA is a professionally accredited with various authorities in building approvals.

PMA also work in collaboration with various consultants to various nature of projects to create a larger network in achieve a better environment in the building.

Following are list of services offered: